The 80’s may have been one of the most unloved decades for style, but understanding the basis for its design just may dazzle you for a brief spell with its originality and spirit. Welcome to the world of Italian designer Ettore Sottsass.

We have recently become obsessed with some of his later works via instagram curation. It was this image of the pink mirror that offered a fresh perspective into this iconic designer and inspired us to purchase the massive comprehensive Sottsass monograph by Phaidon.

After delving deeper into this playful, quirky, iconic Italian designer, we were able to move past the much hated 80’s designs, uncovering many uncelebrated things to love. Mainly it was his philosophy that grabbed our attention. He believed that objects should have a spirit and above just being functional, could also be sexy. Not unlike the beliefs of the creator of our our much loved Apple products. He had us at Ultrafragola. There is much more than meets the eye with Sottsass and a history worth exploring.

80’s Design Versatility

Sottsass was a socialite and well versed in executions such as industrial, interior, architecture, and exhibition design. His influence on current trends is undeniable. In 2015 Kartell has released a tribute to Sottsass and the Memphis Collective his Post-Modern Design Collective – which he was the founder. Read more about that here.