This beautiful article about Roseur Fine Roses was written by Gina Samarotto, editor of Private Air Magazine and appeared in the Spring 2016 issue.

Exponentially elevating the very concept of mail-order flowers, Roseur Roses has bloomed in a way that has other floral services withering on the proverbial vine. As their name would suggest, Roseur deals in roses. Only roses. And what’s more, these are not your typical ‘garden variety’ florist roses. What arrives at your door from Roseur is an elegant mass of what may be the most exquisite blooms to ever grace a vase.

Roseur’s love affair with beauty and luxury began when founders Sarah Berends and Allan Ghiassi paid a visit to the Hôtel Costes and its legendary rose boutique while honeymooning in Paris. That single, serendipitous visit – heady though it may have been – was all it took to spark the flame that ultimately became Roseur.   “Allan and I were so taken by the roses, the luxury and the romance there,” explains Berends. “When we thought about what we saw at Costes, compared it to the luxury gift market in general – which we already felt was rather lacking – and combined it with our desire to create a business of our own; roses became the obvious choice”.

Once back on US soil, Berends and Ghiassi began to explore in earnest what was growing in soils all over the world, all in the hopes of finding the perfect rose with which to start Roseur. After much trial and error, they discovered ‘Faint’. The South American-grown beauty is neither pink nor peach. Rather, the behemoth blooms that crown Faint’s sturdy stems are an orphic mix of both hues with tones that range from a rich, honeyed melon to the palest shade of blush. “We went through countless varieties of roses before finally choosing ‘Faint’ for Roseur,” Berends explains. “Not only did the rose itself have to be beautiful but we wanted the size, the fragrance, the vase life, the foliage – it all had to be perfect. We finally found that in Faint.” Just in time for Mother’s Day, Roseur will be debuting their second, signature variety when ‘Gemme’ joins the fold. A richly saturated shade of deep magenta Gemme, like her sister Faint, is a staggeringly lovely bloom of nearly surreal proportions. “The colors of the roses speak a language all their own,” explains Berends. “With Faint, we have a rose that whispers about romance and elegance. In Gemme, we have a rose that speaks of passion and luxury”. Indeed, it is not only the sigh-worthy colors than pays homage to the Roseur style of artful giving, every aspect of the Roseur experience is rife with the stuff. From the bespoke box that arrives at your door to the impressively heavy letterpress card with its handwritten sentiments, to the tiny glass vial of rose food that’s tucked inside like a dram of priceless potion; no detail of the has been left to chance.

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