Roseur has been following the career trajectory of British Modernist photographer Jack Davison with keen interest. He has carved a place for himself in contemporary photographic history with his innate sensibility and an inherent talent in playing with lights to create image compositions.

Jack Davison started exploring the world around him through his camera at the tender age of 15. He has refined his style through an obsessive self – study making him a celebrated professional that the British Journal of Photography deems “The One to Watch” at the young age of barely 25.

Jack Davison’s career defining projects:

Jack Davison has lensed feature spreads for Alexander McQueen for two seasons

He has shot covers for the New York Times Magazine and the FT Weekend Magazine

Davison is a self-taught talent, which explains his indelible relationship with Flickr and Tumblr to define his technique and eye for image composition

His collection of 26 States captures the essence of America today

Stunning collaboration with The Luncheon Magazine

Evolving as an artist – early life

In his own career, Jack Davison translates his unique vision on to multiple photography trends. He has associated with fashion photography, modernist portraits, and lights compositions with known subjects to create his work. He has been photographing the world around him since he was 15. As Davison himself states that, “I used to live in the countryside, in the middle of nowhere”. Coming from a place where he was literally stuck until he could start driving himself, he utilized a lot of the time exploring his talents on subjects around him. Working with London based professionals gave Jack Davison the opportunity to take the train to London city occasionally, which became his primary inspiration. His collection of work majorly reflects London’s people and things as seen in the last few years through his camera.

Jack Davison’s unique perspective for fashion photography

For us the emotive quality, the maturity of vision and the raw, unarranged style of his fashion images, draws us to Davison’s collection of featured images. In a very short span into his career, the artist has managed to bag a slew of coveted fashion projects. He has worked with McQ for two seasons now. An experience he describes as, “I was left to make little sets and compose fly-on-the-wall pictures”. His style flourishes in such type of freestyle compositions. Jack Davison photographer has developed his unique style by photographing friends, acquaintances, and real people he has bumped into. His style has always been unarranged and less posed.

His concept towards fashion photography has been to capture images outside of a particular date or era. Davison prefers timelessness for his fashion photographs unlike the dated feel of work from masters such as Avedon and Penn. His theory is a dated image will lose its candor with the time. According to Jack Davison photographer, capturing images that are not solely governed by the makeup and clothes in it pushes the boundary for the image to last beyond time.