How do you arrange roses without them looking old fashioned? How do you make cut flowers look modern? Follow our flower arrangement tips and discover a gorgeous arranging style. Michael Gaffney of Flower Design Schools of America states:

“Another secret of great looking roses is that grocery stores and flower shops never give you enough greens to properly fill the vase … we’re going to clog the drain with them”

Hmmm. No thanks. At Roseur we prefer instead, to rely on large blooms and eliminate the greenery almost completely. What you end up with is a clean, modern vase of undulating blooms. Furthermore, our aim was to create an asymmetrical arrangement style that was quick and easy to master. What is the trick? Well, just by working with groups of three it is nearly impossible to mess up.

old vs. new floral arranging

In the coming weeks we will be posting detailed steps. You can apply the technique to other similar flowers not only roses.